Being a Good Neighbour

When you are interacting with other people there are lots to think about to make it as smooth as possible. You often have the opportunity to choose the people with whom you interact, but not always. Think about the old saying “your friends are chosen – not your family”. Where you live you often don´t have the opportunity to choose who should be your neighbour. You can choose to buy a house where you already know the people and like them, but mostly this is not the case. When you already live somewhere you also cannot choose who will move in.

Good Neighbour

Good neighbours

Having a good relationship with your neighbours is always preferable. Just as it is to have the kind of relationship that you want. Maybe you just want to say hi when you meet in the stairs, or maybe you want to have a close relationship and hang out all the time. Most important is however, to have the same goal from both sides or else there will most definitely be trouble. The neighborship should be good but it is more common that neighbours don´t like each other’s behaviour.  

How to become a good neighbour

To make good neighbours it is crucial that you are being a good neighbour. To get to that point there are four easy steps. Show consideration. Have respect. Be kind. Communicate. When there is a good relationship in the neighbourhood you should be able to tell a neighbour when something is wrong but at the same time be able to chat about everything. A good start for someone who have just moved in can be to go around presenting themselves to their new neighbours to avoid questions on what kind of people they are. If you are new to the neighbourhood it is wise to be upfront about everything not to create problems in the future. If you are planning on a major change in the garden or for the house, tell them! It is always better to prevent questions by being upfront. If you are having a big party to celebrate the move – tell your neighbours, they might not like it but they will most likely be happy that you told them instead of it being a surprise at Saturday night when the want to sleep. Maybe you should even invite them to the party! If you are doing some handy work, mind the hours so that you don´t wake the neighbours.

Kindness is for free

Kindness is important. As a human you often reply as a reflection of the one you meet. If the person you meet is smiling, you will smile, and the same with the opposite. To stop for a second and say something kind can make you seem like a nice person instead of being seen as nonchalant or bitter. If you want a shallow relationship with our neighbours, it is ok, but you should have in mind that a neighbour can be a friend for life! Always be prepared to compromise!