Challenges of Moving Abroad

Moving abroad is a huge step and you must consider many things. However, the first and the most important thing you must do is to quite speak and listen to all those omniscient critics who are claiming that this is a mistake and you going to be screwed. That is not true! Everyone can move abroad! However, you need to be prepared and think about many points in advance.

Challenges of Moving Abroad
Challenges of Moving Abroad


Before moving abroad always make sure you legally can do so. Even if you are a citizen of another EU member country, you still might need a residency visa, work permit, special social security numbers, registers from the taxation authorities, or something else to allow you to stay. In some countries, there are schemes where you can live and work in a country for 1-2 years to experience that country. So, before you start applying for jobs or looking for an apartment, try to get all the information from the department of foreign issues or department migration to avoid any legal issues later.

Job and Finances

The bad news is that moving abroad costs a lot at the beginning as you have to pay for appointments at national institutions, there are extra expenses for living, deposits, as well as, it is not possible to take all of your stuff you had before, so you need to buy many things for daily needs. Thinking about your income should be one of the most important aspects to consider before you move. It is good if you have some savings and it works as a financial pillow for some time. However, if you have serious plans about living in a new country for a long time, you need a job. Keep in mind that an official long-term job contract ensures you social securities, medical provision, and some legal documents, as a result, take this step seriously and start to look for a job before you come.   


Do not worry, there is no need to be fluent to move abroad. No one requires you to speak in a national language and you will not be kicked out of the immigration department for this, because during this time of globalization the English language is usually enough. You can find a job in the English language only and you can arrange all your documentation, rent a flat, or go shopping without knowing a word in a national language. However, ask yourself do you really want to be outcasted? It is highly recommended to have at least an A2 level of language just to be able to communicate in a daily situation or understand some documents that usually are issued in a national language. After all, the better your language level is, the easier is going to be to adapt to a new culture, find friends, understand daily life, and became a full member of a society.

Religious and Cultural Peculiarities

Again, you are not asked to be an expert, but you must know the cultural and religious differences before you are coming because sometimes you can break strict rules and be fined. For example, in some societies, if you are unmarried but living with a partner that may cause problems. If you know there is an aspect of your lifestyle that may not be acceptable, then always check official sources before you plan to move to any country.