Mayors Wish – Move Here!

Globally the trend is that people are moving to where there are plenty of other people. The reason is usually that in the larger cities there is work. In the cities you can also find a bigger range of entertainment, shopping or cultural events than in the country. The move from the country to the city however often results in other problems, like living arrangements. Today people are moving faster than the speed the housing market can arrange a living to everybody.

The will to change

The Mayor in the little village of Locana in north-western Italy makes a generous offer to people he offers people 9000 euro if they move to Locana to stay permanently. Lately the inhabitants in the village has decreased from more than 7000 to 1500. Many of the stores in the village had to close down, the restaurants are empty on the edge of bankruptcy. The Mayor means that the village is waiting for labour and people to move there and open the businesses again. Locana is mostly looking for young people. A wish is that they should have ambitions to start a family, maybe start a business or having the means to live here but work from a distance. The little village is very beautiful near the oldest national park, Gran Paradiso. The mountain at which foot the village is situated is also called Gran Paradiso, which name reflects the beauty of the area. There are lots of possibilities to live a very rich outdoor life. It is also a paradise for those who like winter sports as the winter season is long and with lots of snow. The houses in Locana look exactly as you imagine a little Italian village in the mountains with brick roofs where flowers are climbing and surrounding them.


Buy a house for 1 euro

At the moment the Mayor offers families with at least one child 9000 euros to settle in the village permanently.  In the beginning the offer was just for Italians and foreigners that earlier had been living in Italy. The offer has bow increased, it is for everyone! It is not unusual with this kind of offers in Italy. Lately there has been new offers all the time from different villages and different Mayors. Many small Italian villages are concerned about the depopulation being so fast. A bit up north from Locana you can find the little village Borgomezzavalle. This is a village with just 150 inhabitants. Desperate times calls for desperate measure, the saying goes. In this village the Mayor is selling houses for one euro each. Besides that, people moving here will get a reward when having children, 1000 euro for each child. Despite these offers being great, it is not easy to buy a house or move to Italy. Unfortunately, there is a lot of bureaucracy in Italy. Buying a house, even if it is for one euro, can be easy if you don´t look deeper into regulations and laws. It can be almost impossible for a foreigner to buy a house in the country. These offers don´t come in the alps alone, in the Sardines they have also started an offer. Here you could buy a whole village of 200 houses for just one euro. The reason, however, is the same – depopulation.